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Honoring My Mom

I don’t often talk about my personal life on this blog, but for Mother’s Day I am making an exception.

If you’re a regular here you may know that I am the only child of a 76-year-old.  Most people with a parent that age are at least 45 or even 50 years old themselves, but not me. I’ll be 35 in a few weeks – the product of an extremely happy couple who found each other later than most and welcomed me with open arms at the age of 41 (sadly, my father died 19 years later).

For Mother’s Day tomorrow I will do as millions of daughters and sons will. I’ll give my mom a card, pick up some pretty flowers, and take her out to eat – a distinct benefit of living in close proximity.

And although this is the ritual year after year, I’ve felt for some time that it doesn’t really cut it.  The meal ends, the flowers eventually wilt, and the year rolls on.  I should seize other opportunities to remind her of what she means to me but I have struggled with how to do this.

So this year I’m taking to the Blogosphere to share some thoughts about the woman who made me the person I am today. If you’d like to do the same, I hope you will in the comments below.

Did you hear that, Hallmark?  I’m flying solo on this one :)).

A Few of My Mom’s Best Qualities:

Her compassionate and giving nature – Simply put, my mom is the person you’d most want at your side if you were sick, lost, angry, scared or all of the above.  Don’t get me wrong – she’s also the best cheerleader I know, but when things get difficult as they inevitably do, my mom exudes warmth and a sense of calm that is the most comforting feeling in the world. Other people feel this from her too which is why she is often found at the bedside of a hospitalized friend or a neighbor whose in distress. She gives of herself and of what she has freely, always finding someway to help…

Her stamina – Picture it.  Yesterday, Friday, May 6, 2011. I woke up at 6:00 a.m., went to work, had an early dinner and was asleep by 9:30 p.m. This isn’t exactly what happens every Friday night, but truth be told, it’s not far off the mark.

My mother on the other hand – who also woke up at 6:00 a.m. and worked all day – went to a piano bar where she proceeded to eat, sing and laugh with two girlfriends until midnight. “We closed the place down!” she told me this morning by phone. Today she was at it again having gone to an afternoon party at a local church before heading up to a nursing home fundraiser to watch the Kentucky Derby. And this is very much the norm for her…

Her knack for making new friends (at every age) – My mom has been a working girl since the age of 16 and has amassed quite a number of friends in those 60 years.  But she’s consistently making new friends too. Whether it’s a new widow she’s recently brought into the fold or a young mom for whom she babysits my mom’s phone rings constantly.

She also receives more Christmas cards than anyone I’ve ever met and it always seems to surprise her.

“Can you believe how many cards I’m getting?” she’ll say.

And since I didn’t say it this past December when you last posed this question, let me say it now: I can believe it, Mom. You are genuine, and kind and dependable.  Those who wouldn’t want you as their friend don’t deserve you as one.  Just my completely unbiased opinion 🙂

Her ability to forgive – I won’t say much about this one except that my mom’s life has not always been rosy.  Born during the Great Depression and raised by an awful step-parent, my mom credits her maternal grandmother and aunt with being her saving grace. And while she has a lot of reasons to be angry or bitter, I’ve never seen her indulge in any of them.  The older I get the more I realize how much character that takes…

So that’s a bit about my mom, otherwise known as The Most Important Woman In My World.  I look forward to hearing about your moms and how you’ll spend tomorrow with them.  And if you’re a mom, then I hope you’ll find a way to honor who you are tomorrow.  You deserve the best.


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