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Two Reasons to Hire A Geriatric Care Manager Now

I have the utmost respect for geriatric care managers, but I’m also a realist about the fact that not everyone can afford one.

However, even when money is tight, there are a few instances in which the cost of a geriatric care manager is well worth it.

Below are the top two reasons to hire a geriatric care manager now:

1) Your family is completely dysfunctional and all discussions end with no clear path forward.  If you think you’re in this boat, you probably are.

Here’s what it looks like: You think your mom needs X, your brother thinks she needs Y, your sister is completely checked out of the picture, and your youngest brother thinks everything is fine. Oh, and mom has dementia so no longer has the capacity to make decisions for herself.

Hell might freeze over before everyone agrees on what should be done and the chances of you being able to bring everyone to consensus (sort of?) are slim. But a geriatric care manager? Well he/she can be the objective, professional, voice of reason.

Think your brothers might be more apt to consider the suggestions of a professional over your suggestions?  Even this only child knows the answer is a resounding YES! 😉

2) Your concerns for mom/dad are growing and you find yourself wishing that someone could help you make sense of what you’re seeing.

In other words, you’re overwhelmed by the complexity of the picture.  Mom isn’t showering anymore.  The doctor has started her on a depression medication that she’s refusing to take.  You can’t put your finger on when you first noticed a decline in her, but it’s clearly in full swing now and the avenues you’ve tried haven’t made anything better.

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again:

One of the best ways to utilize the services of a geriatric care manager is to hire them for a consultation only…

They come in, they meet mom, they walk through the house, they hear the back story from you on what’s led up to your growing concerns, and they help you to understand what you’re looking at and what the next steps should be. If you find an experienced geriatric care manager, this is money well spent to help you get a handle on what’s going on.

So there you have it – two reasons to hire a geriatric care manager now.  If you hired a geriatric care manager to help you with mom or dad, what was it that finally made it happen?

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