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How To Overcome Feeling Overwhelmed

caregiver supportLast week I cracked the crown on “tooth #30”. It hurt. But not as much as the pain that would have come with replacing it with my out-of-network dentist…$750.

“No way,” said my husband.

I shared his sentiment and so the hunt for an in-network dentist who would see me fast began. I was lucky to find a good one who patched me up a few days later.

So here’s what I left out of my little intro story above…

The cracked crown brought me to tears.  Big ones.  There was some sobbing involved too which was accompanied by the feeling of being completely overwhelmed. But why?

I’ve decided to share my meltdown story with you because I think a lot of people can relate. It was so obviously not about the crown.

Life is packed with to-dos and for many of us, the pace is unrelenting. Months can fly by like weeks, and at the same time, a particularly tough week can feel like two.

Like a cup that fills up one drip at a time, it is incredibly easy to lose track of what we’re carrying until there just isn’t room to carry anymore. The only thing left to do is to empty our cup…

So as the tissues dwindled, I put pen to paper and wrote down the things on my mind in that moment. I just let them spill out of me like the tears.

And you know what surprised me? It wasn’t long until I had listed eight things. Eight!

Something else surprised me too…the act of naming my worries – of transferring them to the page – instantly made me feel lighter. The tears stopped and I began to feel more in control.

Have you tried this?  Do you know how long your list would be?

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