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Five Bathroom Safety Tips

Hi Maria,

It has been suggested that my 81 year old Mother have a safer bathroom.

I’ve offered to pay for a higher toilet in the home I currently rent with my mother, but the landlord didn’t go for it. I’m also hesitant to move because mom is close to all of her doctors and I am close to work.

Any suggestions?

Sincerely, Diane (Los Gatos, CA)

Dear Diane,

No need to renovate. Some basic bathroom safety equipment should do the trick.

Five Bathroom Safety Tips:

1. You’ll need a raised toilet seat. These are plastic, removable in under 10 seconds if you don’t prefer to use it, and come with handles.

2. A shower chair is essential so mom does not have to stand in the shower.  Bare feet, soap, and water are a recipe for a fall which is the number one thing you are trying to avoid.

3. Get a handheld shower.  These pieces easily attach to the existing shower head and have long cords for easy bathing while sitting down.

4. Grab some grab bars.  If you had the support of your landlord I’d suggest that they be screwed into the walls. But since you don’t, pick up the ones that suction to the surface of the wall. These are better than nothing.

5. Get rid of throw rugs that can slip and slide. Instead, consider buying a piece of thick, remnant carpet that can be cut to fit the entire bathroom floor.

Hope this helps,


P.S. Many of the items I’ve just mentioned can be found in my Amazon Store or by clicking on the Store link above.

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