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Signs that Mom Can’t Live Alone?


I have a mother who is 84 years of age. I have taken control of her medication and she is very angry with me and telling me I had best leave it where she can get to it or I am going to hear something that I don’t want to hear. It is causing so much stress on me that it is affecting me in other areas of my life. She lives by herself in a senior living complex. Individual apartments. When it becomes evening she becomes very [click to continue…]



I am the sole care provider for my father with Alzheimer’s for the past five years. He has been living in a locked skilled nursing facility for the past three years. My father has nothing financially other than his Social Security, which pays for the nursing home.

He is past the stage of fighting everything and everyone now and I am wondering if there is any way to place him in a smaller, more home-like setting at this point. It breaks my heart to see [click to continue…]

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